What is the best way to extract CBD from cannabis?
Why is it important to extract CBD? Where to buy cbd extraction equipment?
To produce CBD oil, cosmetics or supplements, cannabinoids must first be extracted from the raw plant material. Fortunately, the richest source of CBD is hemp, a selectively bred crop that is widely used in many commercial industries.

While there are many ways to extract CBD from hemp, some methods are more effective and safer than others. Understanding the differences is crucial, as how you extract CBD can affect the purity and potency of the final product.

What are the options for extracting CBD?
Below, you will find a breakdown of some of the most commonly used extraction techniques, including their main pros and cons.

Solvent-free CBD extraction (manual operation)
How can I make CBD extracts without using solvents? In short, you simply apply heat, pressure or a little friction to the cannabis flowers and leaves. You want to know how to do this? Well, if you freeze the cannabis flowers, then you can shake the small hairs and gather them together. As you may know, these trichomes contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant.

Advantages of solvent-free extraction
-No additional equipment needed
-Can utilize the entire cannabis plant
-The cheapest extraction method

Disadvantages of solvent-free extraction
-Low and impractical yields
-No control over purity, minimum level of CBD
-CBD extracts contain plant matter and unwanted cannabinoids

Olive Oil CBD Extraction
First of all, to extract olive oil at home, you need to make sure that the plant material has been decarboxylated. In short, this means that it has undergone the process of activating acidic cannabinoids through heat. Of course, this happens when you smoke or vape, but it can also happen if you put it in the oven.

After decarboxylation, the plant matter is mixed with olive oil and then heated on the stove for a few hours. the CBD, other cannabinoids and essential terpenes will combine with the fat in the oil to form an infused product. Finally, the mixture is cooled and then filtered to remove the residual plant material.

Advantages of Olive Oil Extraction
-Easy to perform at home
-Relatively safe, no previous extraction experience required
-Higher purity compared to solvent-free extraction

Disadvantages of olive oil extraction
-Little control over the final extract
-Low and unreliable CBD content compared to more specialized methods
-Unsuitable for commercial sale

Alkaline solvent CBD extraction
Solvent extraction is a basic and risky practice, but it has many advocates. Essentially, it involves causing a liquid solvent to flow through decarboxylated cannabis to remove cannabinoids and terpenes. Commonly used solvents include butane, ethanol and hexane, so any residual solvent needs to be safely evaporated after extraction to ensure a usable CBD extract.

Advantages of solvent extraction
-Inexpensive and requires relatively little equipment
-Solvent CBD extracts have a certain degree of purity
-Easy to scale up for commercial production

Disadvantages of solvent extraction
-Working with solvents can cause injury if not used correctly, they are highly flammable
-Oil can be contaminated with solvents, which are dangerous and still contaminated by end users
-Higher temperatures can make it necessary for some terpenes and other smaller compounds

Supercritical CO 2 CBD extraction
In this method, CO 2 is manipulated into a supercritical state. It has both gas and liquid properties and can be pumped into the plant material under controlled conditions to remove essential terpenes and cannabinoids without damaging them.

Advantages of Supercritical CO 2 Extraction
-Extracts clean and safe concentrates without the use of additional additives or contaminants.
-Provides efficient yields to get the most out of the cannabis plant.
-CO2 extraction is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of Supercritical CO 2 Extraction
-Carbon dioxide extraction is an industrial process, making it very expensive
-Requires expertise to perform properly

What is the best method for extracting CBD from hemp?

Which CBD extraction method is best?
Compared to other methods of producing CBD oil, CO 2 extraction has distinct advantages. First, you can pump supercritical CO 2 through cannabis so that it can selectively absorb cannabinoids and other compounds while leaving everything else behind.

Secondly, because it uses CO2, it can produce CBD oil that is free of chemicals and contaminants. And, after the extraction process is complete, you can reuse the CO2 or release it safely into the atmosphere. Due to the excellent level of control, supercritical CO 2 has become a leading tool extraction method and the one used by Cibdol to produce all its CBD extracts.

However, the highly sophisticated extraction is only the beginning. cibdol not only serves its customers, but also publishes detailed analyses for each CBD product batch. These analyses are performed by an independent third party and indicate the levels of all common cannabinoids, allowing you to make the most informed decisions.

You can browse our complete selection of third-party tested CBD products from the Cibdol store, including CBD oils, cosmetics, supplements and isolates. Or, use our beginner-friendly CBD encyclopedia to learn more about independent testing and what it means.