I'm excited to release my first preview in the near future and to outline the Pandora Fall 2018 collection! It will debut in late August / early September (I believe the date is August 30) and includes a series of exciting new works.

Today's post covers the regular Moments glamour jewellery-I will preview other jewellery (rings, necklaces, etc.) as well as the respective Rose, Shine and Essence collections! A new bracelet concept will also be launched in October, but I can't talk about it yet.


Overall, in my opinion, the collection has a fairly young, modern feel, but enough key pieces and individual beads also provide something substantial. Read on for an overview!

Pandora 2018 Fall Collection Preview
Traditionally, we start with charm bracelets! Pandora replaced it with a new padlock-style buckle bracelet(http://www.ukoutletfirst.com/pandora-bracelets-uk-p-2015206) instead of the traditional barrel bracelet with a smooth charm bracelet and a bracelet design. The padlock-style smooth bracelet is particularly beautiful and retails for $ 75 / $ 85. However, in the NA catalog, I don't see the bracelet on the right.

Pandora 2018 Fall Charm Bracelet

The first is charm, we have an unusual theme with harvest and grain motifs. I really like the idea-it's seasonal, but it's a bit different from Pandora's regular fall direction. The safety chain is particularly amazing (by the way, it has a silicone grip). I would love to see some collections of autumn-themed woodland animals-foxes, owls, badges, dormouses-just peeking through bales and grains! We were reminded of this pattern in the Always by Your Side pendant, but being able to enlarge it to the entire bracelet design would be a good choice.

Next, we have some more standard decorative designs and hearts. These include "seasonal" floating small boxes, which will be a limited item and in beautiful new packaging made of standard glass beads. It has iridescent murano glass but has a patterned sterling silver core. I want to know what size this will prove to be in real life-I know many collectors will avoid using muranos because they are much larger than ordinary beads. The silver to glass ratio is more uniform, which may not be so noticeable, or the beads as a whole will be smaller.
My favorite collage is inevitably such a small choice of fairy tales and fables. The love potion is made of "pink mist crystal". A unicorn's style is not the same as a more elegant fairy tale work, but it is still very suitable-otherwise, if you really want to embrace a cute unicorn, you can always equip him with some rainbow beads for spring 2018.
Finally, we have a little weird little collage-indeed other works, but with more personal and local style. But the most exciting bead here (at least for me!) Is the pumpkin! Now, how long have we wanted a new Halloween bead! Since I started blogging a few years ago, before that. Finally, we have one. Given the prevalence of Halloween beads engraved exclusively in the United States last year, I'm not surprised, and hope that there will be more in the coming years. This cute pumpkin also gets extra brownie points for its all-silver design. : D