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Speaking of the Pandora brand, girls must be familiar? Every time I pass by Pandora's store, there is an urge to buy all those beautiful pendants and jewelry home! Recently, Pandora has a new product to launch, and it is guaranteed to make your girl ’s heart burst after watching it! To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Mickey, Pandora and Disney jointly launched a limited edition Mickey 90th anniversary limited edition charm.

There are many new products this time, the most noticeable of which is the use of [925 sterling silver bracelet http://www.ukoutletfirst.com/ and 14ct gold] Mickey 90th anniversary limited edition charm.

Even the box is beautifully designed! Not buying one home and really feel sorry for myself. Xiao Bian immediately had the urge to buy, what should I do?

Mickey and Minnie's Charm (Beaded)

And a bracelet featuring Mickey!

There are even rings! Simple and stylish, women of any age will love it!

Next month is the annual Christmas! To coincide with Christmas, Pandora and Disney will also launch a series of Christmas-themed pendants. Xiaobian fancy several Charm, how about you?

good news! Soon, everyone will be able to purchase [Mickey 90th Anniversary Limited Edition Charm] in Malaysia! Is everyone looking forward to it?
Valentine's Day is coming!

Although it is said to be a good holiday for the two to enhance their feelings, you must share the same feeling: the most annoying thing for the New Year and the New Year is what gifts to send! Many boys will think that girls must like Pandora's string of super expensive beads, but it is not necessarily true!

There is a saying that what gift is given to the other party can see what kind of person TA is. So, of course, send someone who can represent TA who is very artistic, artistic, warm, and loving, right? Today I will tell you that Valentine ’s Day will please TA this year, and I will send sincere handmade works to each other ~

Do n’t worry, do n’t be afraid even if you have a disability! Sometimes mess is also an art ~ as long as you do it wholeheartedly, TA will definitely feel your love!

1) Interactive Love Notes
Write down your mind, and let TA know your mind through interaction!

confess that my favorite accessory is the bracelets I like them all !, those of thread, leather, crochet, friendship, with pendants, silver, gold ... because each one has its moment and its charm according to the place where Let's be and the day we meet, for example, is not the same if you are going to work than if you are going for a birthday or it is your wedding day.
Age also influences, although I am one of those who think that fashion is for everyone, and that each one can wear whatever she likes, without complexes, we are all beautiful but surely a young girl of 14 or 15 years prefer to wear a bracelet style very different from what a mature woman would wear, right?
Well, since there is so much variety in tastes, designs, prices, ages, celebrations, etc., I wanted to show you the most original, striking and beautiful bracelets I have found. And this is my selection:

1- Crochet. Made with your hands, with the colors you like best. They are made in 5 minutes and are so beautiful and colorful. Do you want one ... or several? Well here I leave the video tutorial with the step by step:


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